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writing about cars until someone asks me to. 

I'm Michael Smith, and I am a gearhead.  The first symptoms of this affliction presented themselves before I could speak.  In 1990, at the age of nine, I got my first issue of Car and Driver, and I was hooked.  I'd wait for the mail at the beginning of each month, and devour every issue.  I'd laugh at what I assumed were jokes, though it would be another decade before I actually understood any of the humor.  

Cars have always driven me to distraction.  I kept a library of brochures acquired from dealers when my parents would indulge me with a visit.  When I realized that I could call the manufacturer's 800 number and order brochures, the floodgates opened.  Every day was like Christmas when the mail arrived. I'd keep them propped up in my room, open to my favorite photos.  

Like any self-respecting car freak, I've had more than my fair share of automobiles. Some, of course, were more interesting than others, but I babied them all.  To date, I've had five VW's, three Audis, three Hondas, three Land Rovers, and one Mercedes.   

In college, I decided to study Architecture, as the career prospects seemed better than Automotive Design. I've practiced as an Interior Designer for the past decade, and have had my own business for five years.  It's been a rewarding career, but the drive (pun intended) to be somehow involved in the auto industry remains powerful. 

Now, after twenty-six years of consuming automotive content, I've decided to start creating and contributing my own.  The writing may be janky at times, but there's only one way to get my 10,000 hours, right?  I'll be writing about cars until someone asks me to.


- Michael Smith